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The Farm

In 2022, the farm was located on John's Island just outside of foodie heaven - Charleston, South Carolina. I've developed a growing method that meets my requirements for environmental stewardship: no pesticides, minimal fertilizer & energy, minimal water usage, plastic-free packaging, and getting the product close to the consumer thus reducing it's carbon footprint. 

The farm was experimental at that point. However, at a mere 55 square-feet, this system was producing 3 to 5 POUNDS of nutrient dense vegetables PER WEEK (week after week). So this is just the beginning. Our vision is to develop a method for profitable, food-safe production of duckweed on a small to mid-sized scale, that would enable other small farmers to produce a nutritional and sustainable protein source for their communities.

I'm in the central coast of California now and working toward getting a new version of the farm going. I'm looking for partners and excited to make this project a reality. 

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Jason Adelaars

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