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Want research or smart tech on your farm?


I'm an environmental scientist/engineer/GIS Analyst with 18 years of experience. Do you have a question you need answered? I can provide research assistance, conduct studies, collect data, and provide results or recommendations.

Research: $50/hr (no overtime)

Quoting fee: $100

Smart Tech

Want more data from your field? Need it in real-time? Want data analyzed and results in a report? I can provide tailored data collection/analysis efforts to meet your specific needs and budget. 

Data engineering/science: $50/hr (no overtime)

Quoting fee: $100

Extra Hands?

Farmers succeed with effort. I've been head to toe in dirt and mud, worked 14 hour days, worked in rain and heat. I've got plenty of tools to get most jobs done. I'm not a certified Electrician or Plumber but know enough to have fixed the work of those who were.

Manual Labor: $20/hr (first 8 hours of the day; $40/hr overtime or any work after 6pm)

Plumbing/Irrigation/Electrical/Construction: $35/hour (no overtime)


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